Anonymous whispered: has erik ever been seen with a girlfriend? i sort of think he's gay, what do you think? (and i feel weird even having to say this, but my question comes with no prejudice, i hope your answer doesn't either :)

I’ve read that he had a girlfriend once. I was once asked if I think Marco is gay and my response is pretty much the same for this.

Anonymous whispered: Your blog is brilliant. Thank you so much for taking the time to collect all of this info on Marco and Erik. It really is appreciated and keep up the awesome work!

Thaaank yoooouuu *quick peck on both cheeks for you*


Evonik’s BVB representative presenting photobooks to the World Cup winners from Dortmund

Anonymous whispered: What do you know about erik durm like how he calls his parents everyday like stuff like that, Im sorry i dont understand German aha xx:)

Check my faq 

Anonymous whispered: (Different anon) Oh I've always wondered why a lot of people do not like Cathy. I do get a different vibe from her. It may be only me but she doesn't exactly exude warmth unlike for example Sarah Brandner. Not that it's a bad thing but I thought that was what people didn't like about her. It seems that Mats is crazy about her though.

I don’t know, like I’ve felt sorry for her because people were being unneccessarily rude about it. i watched her stuff once, didn’t like it and never watched it again. Yeah, he seems to like her a lot.


rooting for a team you hate to beat a team you hate more

I’m watching old Erik interviews and he’s like ‘I call my parents everyday, my mom misses me, my dad as well’ someone hold me

Anonymous whispered: oh okay, so she's not stupid, she's not just a "footballer's girlfriend", she has a job that's nice

Well, she wouldn’t have gotten those jobs if it wasn’t for him. Most people here don’t like her because she’s not exactly good at what she does here’s a taste of her column

Anonymous whispered: what does Mats' girlfriend do? does she has a profession?

She has a bachelor degree in economics but she’s working in the area of lifestyle magazines and sports journalism. She’s recently worked for Sky and Bild for instance.