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Anonymous asked: He played FIFA and was nervous and bit his lips :D

Even though there’s no need to be nervous about that ‘cause apparently the worst FIFA players are Erik and Jonas :D

Anonymous asked: the begining of the video with ''Golf oder Fußball?'' header.

Sorry, but I don’t understand what you mean. Is this about the Durm/Hofmann Interview or about the anon who asked for a video where Marco speaks english? 

Anonymous asked: what is Marco doing with his lips in that video haha?

I guess it’s a bad cute habit :)

Anonymous asked: hi i am new on football and marco fandom.Which people should i follow?Can you suggest some blogs , please?Thank you so much

Hey, there! The one’s I can think of rn 

dankebvb miiraculum marcohan sassyreus marcinhosreus mathieudepussy hey-key reummels marcoreux

I’m gonna do a follow forever soon so you’ll have some more blogs to check out :) xx 

Anonymous asked: well but that's klopp isn't it? he's a big papa

He’s the embodiment of the father figure and I just want to hug him once in my life that’d be terrific :)

Anonymous asked: Marco Reus saying ypu fucking cunt is the cutest thing ever :3

cute is one way to describe it :)

Anonymous asked: Are there videos of Marco in which he speaks English? (Except the Pierre one....)

Can’t think of any right now; sorry :(

Anonymous asked: do you know a good bundesliga livestream site??

Try this site