l a t e s t

bvb vs scf 3:1

FCA vs bvb 2:3

s o c i a l


r e q u e s t s

I don't even know anymore

c u r r e n t l y

reading: The Catcher in the Rye

watching: Teen wolf & Pretty little Liars also check out my tv shows page

listening:Ariana & The Weeknd - Love me harder

don't open this tab

u a cutie


when you want to take a selfie with your fave but he’s so pretty that you just..


Anonymous whispered: just looking at your anon asks and you seem like such a genuinley nice person xx

That is so sweet of you :)


Anonymous whispered: bc david was fucking awsome in the game

That’s really good for him then :)

Anonymous whispered: Hi sweet. Can you tell me if Erik Durm have brothers and maybe post some pictures, please? thanks.

He doesn’t have brothers only an older sister but I won’t post any pictures because she’s not a person of public interest and we need to respect her privacy

Anonymous whispered: The boys look super handsome in the suit but where's erik

He’s there as well, it’s just a coincidence that he’s not on the pictures, some fans have videos/photos of him from today it’s probably somewhere in the tag :)

Anonymous whispered: I think it's that he seems like such a nice guy. Sometimes people's personality makes people perceive them as even hotter than they are! And Erik is adorably cute!

He seems like the perfect son-in-law 


final training before the game against anderlecht  




Why are people angry at David Luiz, what did I miss?

He scored against barça 😁😁

That’s it? and here I am thinking he did something really mean and dirty

Why are people angry at David Luiz, what did I miss?